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Messi! Messi! Messi!

Lionel Messi, one of the greatest footballers of all time, is now leaving Barcelona, his team, for more than 15 years. His records are unmatchable, his uncountable memories, and he is a nightmare for all the defenders.

Messi needs to part ways with Barcelona, and the Spanish giants have confirmed. Messi signed a 5-year contract, but the club formalized his agreement due to LaLiga’s salary cap., Earlier, the club and the player had mutually agreed to a five-year contract extension. Still, due to the salary cap issue by the government, this cannot be continued.

Both parties deeply regret that the wishes of a player and a club are not being met. FC Barcelona congratulations and expresses their gratitude wholeheartedly to the player’s contribution to the date and aggrandizement of the club. It also wishes Messi all the best for the future in both his professional and personal life.

Paris Saint-Germain report!

According to the reports of Fabrizio Romano, Paris Saint-Germain made direct contact with Messi’s camp.

Paris Saint-Germain

All these were started last year when Messi revealed that he wanted to leave the only club he had ever played for. He relented to court on taking Barcelona out of the contract made up in the last year, but ultimately, his contractual situation was never settled. The election that was held for Barcelona’s president had made Messi stay as it was Joan Laporta. The rules were not fully framed, but now it seems like La Liga would continue with its earlier rules.

When Barcelona and Messi agreed on the departure and scheduled on Thursday’s announcement, the club informed him that they could not sign him for a new contract due to the financial barrier from La Liga’s new cash infusion. Some issues were created involving selling off other players, but Messi appreciated Joan Laporta’s honesty, and both sides did not have any tension over this departure.

The French club showed its interest in his services to sign a 34-year-old Messi earlier this year. Paris Saint-Germain was the club that immediately approached Messi after the announcement was made. He had some of his teammates who had been part of his journey and played with them like Neymar, obviously who had played with him in Barca for many years, and also Euro Winner Marco Verratti, Angel Di Maria, and Leandro Paredes.

Whichever club Messi chose, his memories with Barcelona would be forever, and the way his journey began to the end was fascinating. From a young boy to a legend, his name in the history of Barcelona remains forever. He is called the G.O.A.T. for a specific reason.

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