Devastating Earthquake in Haiti Takes Over 2000 Lives

Devastating Earthquake in Haiti Takes Over 2000 Lives

Devastating Earthquake in Haiti Takes Over 2000 LivesThe recent earthquake on Saturday in Haiti caused tremendous destruction and devastation. It left many Haitians shaken. It has killed over 2000 lives, and it has left around 10,000 people critically injured. The last earthquake happened back in 2010, and it was said to be the largest ever recorded earthquake in the history of Haiti.

The Situation in Haiti

It is a sad sight to see thousands of buildings in Haiti be reduced to rubbles. Many people are struggling to look for adequate food and medical care. The tropical storm Grace has exacerbated the condition and has left many Haitians helpless. The flooding is likely to lead to many mudslides, the collapse of houses, and the destruction of roads and bridges.

Many people already affected by the earthquake are grieving the hardships experienced by the storm as they have no umbrellas or even places to sleep. Many still await the aid of the Government desperately.

Devastating Earthquake in Haiti Takes Over 2000 Lives

Search and Rescue Efforts

The search and rescue efforts are still ongoing. Makeshift tents have been built for doctors to work in. However, the issue is that there just aren’t enough doctors to treat the people. Many people have grieved the loss of their loved ones, including the elderly and the young, because of the inability to receive timely medical care. Many people are still said to be missing under the rubble.

It was difficult so far to provide relief to the Haitians because of political issues and the situation of criminal gangs blocking roads to Les Cayes, one of the worst affected towns in Haiti. However, the UN has conducted negotiations with these gangs.

Support From Other Countries

Many Latin American Countries and neighboring countries are extending their support to Haiti and sending medical and food supplies. The United States has extended its support by sending many search and rescue teams.

The Challenges

It is still too soon to tell how Haiti will cope and recover from this unfortunate incident. The country was already in a deep political crisis before this natural incident, and things weren’t looking so good. Many Haitians reported that they felt no effects of the billions of dollars pouring into Haiti for the 2016 Hurricane Matthew crisis.

The storm has currently subsided into a depression. However, it still remains a dangerous threat to earthquake survivors. Haiti has many challenges to face, such as the COVID 19 infections, the landslides, and the floods.

Devastating Earthquake in Haiti Takes Over 2000 Lives

In Conclusion

The Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, has recently declared a state of emergency for one month. Henry has stated his desire for a structured solidary and coordinated response to prevent the state of confusion seen in the 2010 earthquake.

Many people around the world are expressing their sympathies and praying for the well-being of Haiti. Pope Francis has provided strength and encouragement to the survivors and has also asked the international community to help Haiti come out of this tragic incident.

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