Dylan Sigley On Launching the Drop Servicing Blueprint

Who is Dylan Sigley?

Dylan Sigley is an internationally renowned leader on educating entrepreneurs about the power of drop servicing and is the founder of the Drop Servicing Blueprint. Through the Blueprint Dylan Sigley teaches thousands of entrepreneurs how to build their own drop servicing business just like he did.

The reason his story is a little different to most course creators is Dylan Sigley actually started in $60,000 of debt and built his drop servicing business beyond 7-figures, the hook being he now uses these drop servicing businesses he runs to this day to teach his students. This formula seems to be a very powerful one based on the testimonials and results posted by his students.

How did Dylan Sigley get started in Drop Servicing?

After doing some research, I recently had the opportunity to interview Dylan Sigley and find out how he got started in drop servicing, and why he launched his latest venture The Drop Servicing Blueprint.

Dylan Sigley says that he had a fairly ordinary childhood. He grew up in New Zealand with his family, and attended the local high school. Dylan Sigley says that he was a pretty average student but did enough to get through. He later attended Victoria University in Wellington, NZ where he studied business and management. Dylan Sigley graduated with a master’s degree in management and set about looking for a nice job with a good salary. “I was basically just following the path I thought you took, you know, graduate and find a good job, start to work my way up the ladder,” he says.

However, Dylan Sigley quickly realized that the ordinary lifestyle wasn’t for him and he would never achieve the level of success he wanted if he settled for the same thing as everyone else.

“Once I started looking for a job and attending multiple interviews, I soon realized I didn’t really want this life. I wanted to travel and have more freedom in my life” says Dylan Sigley. “I started to look into starting my own business, and soon realized starting an online company was my best bet for being able to travel and live wherever I wanted to”.

Dylan Sigley’s journey to financial freedom didn’t start smoothly. After signing up for an online course and then making “every mistake in the book” he struggled to gain any traction and almost gave up. But luckily for Dylan Sigley, he kept going and slowly started to make sales and build long-term relationships with his clients. “Once I started making sales, I realized that my dreams were actually possible and that I was actually going to pull this off,” Dylan Sigley Says. After just 12 months in business, Dylan Sigley was making a six-figure income and he started to travel the world. He hasn’t looked back since he says.

Dylan Sigley and the Drop Servicing Blueprint

Not only does Dylan Sigley run his own drop servicing business, but he now teaches other people how to build and scale their own drop servicing business through the Drop Servicing Blueprint so they too can live a life of financial freedom. It is fair to say he practices what he preaches. Dylan Sigley says “that after I started making money and traveling the world, I would get lots of people asking me how I was able to do it. This was when I realized that I could package everything I knew into a course and help to teach other people how to start a drop servicing business”.

The Drop Servicing Blueprint has gone on to help thousands of students from all over the world and teaches students all the tactics and strategies that Dylan Sigley used to successfully grow their businesses and avoid all of the mistakes that he made. Students in the Drop Servicing Blueprint course have successfully launched drop servicing businesses that offer multiple types of services, including animated video services, Facebook advertising, web design, web development, and much more.

Drop Servicing Blueprint helps entrepreneurs at any stage of their business, whether that be helping entrepreneurs to get started or even if they need help to grow their existing businesses. Dylan Sigley says that the best part of his job now is “when one of my students successfully goes through the program and starts to succeed. I am really proud of the amazing community that we have built”.

Enjoying a life of freedom

Dylan Sigley now lives in Krakow, Poland, and spends his time traveling and doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He says that “it was a long and tough journey to get where he is today, but it’s being totally worth it to now be able to have complete freedom in my life”. Dylan Sigley loves that he now gets to ‘give back’ and help thousands of other people start their own companies so maybe they too can enjoy a life of complete freedom.

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