Levia Juravin is an advanced student representative of today’s age of young students looking to gain the most knowledge and academic experience in the shortest time so they can move on to the real world.

How To Quickly Learn The Basics

Levia is also a representative of an American girl with immigrant parents. Her father, Don Juravin, was born in Israel but has been a US citizen for about 35 years (though his accent is still very noticeable). Her mother, Anna Juravin, is an immigrant from Europe (Poland). Levia is an American who was born in Israel and arrived in the US when she was only 18 months old. Her sister, Ynes Juravin, was born in the USA.

On April 3, 2010, Levia was 2 years and 2 months young when her dad bought her the first iPad that came out. He installed a fun ABC learning app for kids and so when Levia pressed the correct answer she heard a lovely sound while the incorrect answer produced an annoying sound. And so in only 10 days, Levia had learned the ABC. 

Don Juravin Proposes An Advanced Education System

Her father, Don Juravin, explains: “Today’s technology is amazing when used properly. Levia’s quick learning was due to the entertaining learning experience and not due to her just a bit above average intelligence. So maybe an average intelligent kid would have learned the ABC in 11-12 days. No big difference, it’s all in the attitude of the parents. Give the kid the tools, set the expectations, and let the kid know what pleases you, the parent. The rest is up to their genes and GOD.

Don Juravin also believes that 12 years of schooling is old fashioned and it can be condensed into 7-8 years based on today’s technology which provides an easy and entertaining way to learn. “Today’s generation of kids mature already at the age of 13 while our generation matures at the age of 18. However, the school system has not adopted it accordingly.”

Levia’s History Of Schools

Don Juravin has some arguments with his wife Anna Juravin and then Levia started the first grade using “Mr. Juravin education system” that included online schooling along with a teacher. First grade was accomplished within 5 weeks (according to Anna & Levia Juravin) or 7 weeks (according to Don Juravin). 

Second grade was based on the same system and was finished within 5 months at which time the K12 online Florida system blocked Levia from continuing to the third grade. l

Levia’s Graded School Options

East Ridge High School (public) – 3 stars

Average public school with good management and above average teachers graded B while academics graded B+ and college prep is B+ as well. Average SAT is 1120.

Lake Minneola High School (public) – 3 stars

Good combination of real life social skills, sports and aHealthcademics. Average SAT 450. Teachers are graded A-. College prep B+. Health and safety C+.

Senior (2 stars): “Lake Minneola High School has declined drastically academically over the past few years. The teachers try to put effort into their work;however, many have given up and ignore students who really need assistance. The lunches are disgusting and the faculty are very unorganized. Overall, the school needs much more work and effort to return to its early golden stages”

High School Senior (2 stars): “The teachers want so badly to teach students at this school, but between the long list of tests we have to take and a principal that must have control of everything and everyone, nothing ever gets done. From day to day, there will be things scheduled that the teachers had no clue about, and it is hard to find the people you need to talk to. And then there is the problem of constant technological malfunctions.”

High School Senior (2 stars): “The way the school is run ruins the experience. The iPads are more trouble than they’re worth. Many teachers are not successful at educating their students. They baby the students, which does not prepare them for college. These are some of the problems.”

Schooling online allowed Levia to visit many countries while still "attending school"
Schooling online allowed Levia to visit many countries while still “attending school”

Montverde Academy (Private, around $20,000) – 2 stars

Levia attended Montverde Academy for 3 years and was an A student. Though the school is considered “nice” by most parents, most of them will probably agree that there is nothing special about Montverde Academy as far as education goes. The school allows retakes of important tests which may increase the students’ total grades. The parents may feel “preppy” about their kids getting dressed in purple and yellow but most of the parents would agree that Montverde Academy is not worth $20,000 a year plus other hidden funds the school is attempting to get out of the parents throughout the year. 

Real life social skills (like arguing, debating, spitting, etc.) are difficult to learn in Montverde Academy when everyone is so protective and the kids study in a “cotton ball” environment. 

For those reasons and others, many families have finally decided that enough is enough and moved their kids to a better school.

Parents are also concerned about Montverde Academy predatory contract presented already in Jan. Many parents lost tens of thousands of Dollars. Some of this money is going to allure more parents to pay more by using graded advertising where Montverde Academy appears with a high grade.

David R. (2 stars) says: “If you have a child with disciplinary issues, and you live in FL, this may be a good option as the academics aren’t bad, but they’re certainly not what you’d get at an academic-focused private school.  If you have a kid where elite sports are the priority, this may be a great option depending on the sport.  However, if you want a great academic focus combined with a great boarding experience, I’ve talked to many others who have gone to a large variety of boarding schools and have come away with the impression there are far better options out there.”

Shanna J. (1 star): “Finally we have someone who tells the truth. I remember I had posted a true review long times ago, but somehow got deleted.

The only good thing about the school is the basketball team, but they use money taken from international students to buy athletes. Some teachers are good but they are leaving(or force to leave).”

Anonymous student (1 star): “I was one of the student in this school. Overall it’s pretty awful. International students for them are equals to Money tree. All they care is money. They delete my comment on Google. Interesting school, new students, enjoy.”

Crissy B. (1 star): You shouldn’t send your kids here even if it were the last school on earth. They’re slimy and steal from students’ families. They basically run a con act of recruiting foreign students and exploiting them financially. Also, they punish students by making them partake in hours of manual labor for infractions (such as working in their barn scooping manure and cleaning dishes with the kitchen staff). Even the pettiest of infractions, such as being minutes late to school or missing a mandatory, paid school event earns you at least 2 “penalty hours”. Save your thousands of dollars of tuition and go to a school that won’t exploit you and your children.

A parent: “This school is not very caring as said earlier all they care about is your money. I have no complaint with the lower school but in middle school the principal didn’t even know my sons proper name when he even participated in the school geobee when his name tag with his proper name was right there. They do not even notice if you are missing to once at a mandatory event my son didn’t attend because of a doctors appointment and the school didn’t even notice. There policy’s are also very unreasonable if you miss one homework assignment you have to go to a mandatory (tutorial) on a Saturday for 3 hours. I won’t name names but when I had problems with one teacher i felt ignored. I even once had a question for a teacher and emailed her about it and then I noticed she was specifically ignoring me. Please don’t send your kid here if they are more academic and don’t like sports to. All they really care about is winning trophies and making money I feel the staff really doesn’t care because they are underpaid. Even now that I have nothing to do with this school they still send me letters asking for donations! (Update) they still ask for money it’s been 3 years and I hear a middle school teacher got arrested for drug equipment idk what happened but I just know that it did.”

Most complaints are about the high cost, accessibility, and lower education.

Windermere High School (private, around $24,000) – 4 stars

Very expensive relative to the quality of teachers graded at B+ only and the same B+ goes for college prep and academics. Average SAT is only 1210. Only 57% are proficient in math and 67% proficient in reading.


Pinecrest Lakes Academy (charter) – 4.5 stars Best all around

Levia’s choice. A charter school that feels and operates like a private school at $20,000 less than Montverde Academy. Rated the highest all around high-school in the Clermont and Minneola area. This school was also recommended by Dr. Michael Henne and Dr. Tim Henne.

This school has $7,200 per student expenditure though parents pay nothing. Students at this school are making far more academic progress given where they were last year, compared to similar students in the state.

High progress with high test scores means students have strong academic skills and the school is doing an excellent job at supporting academic growth compared to most other schools.

The school is situated near the library and adjacent to the college. 

Real Life Christian Academy (Private, $8,000) – 2 stars

Teachers are graded C- and so are activities C-. The school is a religious one “a private, independent Christian school for preschool through high school”. 

Levia is also volunteering as a writer for Dwight Schar VICTIMS which is a nonprofit aiming to investigate, research and inform the public of scams, corruptions, wrong doings and unethical acts. Fight for justice, real democracy, and social equality by way of media exposure.

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