Mexico Sues US Gunmakers For Arms Trafficking

Mexico Sues US Gunmakers For Arms Trafficking

The Mexican Government has taken a bold step recently and has drawn a lot of attention all over the world. It approached an American court and filed a lawsuit against many US gun manufacturers and distributors.

Mexico’s Gun Violence Issue

Mexico has witnessed one of the bloodiest years in a long time. Gun violence is deemed to have reached unprecedented levels. It seems that many weapons have been smuggled from the US into Mexico by gangs. These gangs are said to empower themselves with these arms to conduct illegal activities without interference or problems.

Mexico Sues US Gunmakers For Arms Trafficking

The gun violence in Mexico has forced many people to flee from their homes and find safety elsewhere. Most of these families have not returned to their homes and may not likely see their homes until the issue of armed groups is resolved.

Hence, Mexico wants to hold the US accountable for this devastating trend. As Mexico has strict gun laws, many of these gangs seem to be enabled by the easy sale and ownership of firearms in America. Most bullets and guns found by the police investigators in crime scenes are said to be American.

Lawsuit Filed in US Federal District Court, Massachusetts

This lawsuit was filed in the US federal district court, Massachusetts. Mexico is now demanding a whopping sum of 10 billion dollars as damages, and it has targeted businesses like Century International Arms, Colt’s Manufacturing Company, Smith & Wesson Brands, etc.

The whole issue is centered around how there is an atmosphere that easily allows for gun trafficking. For instance, many of these guns are likely purchased by US citizens and sold to gun traffickers. The guns are then easily smuggled into Mexica through the crossing points due to inadequate border control.

The Current Administration’s Approach

This is not the first time that the Mexican Government is taking such a strong stand. Ever since the administration of Mexico has been in the hands of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the Mexican Government has sent many strong messages to America and has expressed its desire for proper bilateral security cooperation.

Experts suggest that Mexico is likely to experience many difficulties in this lawsuit. The US legislation seems to do a good job of protecting American gun manufacturers from almost all civil liabilities. It is also fairly obvious that these manufacturers will have a strong defense set in place.

Mexico Sues US Gunmakers For Arms Trafficking

To Sum Up

Even in the likelihood of a favorable ruling, the Mexican Government is not likely to make a dent in its gun violence issue. Experts suggest that the Mexican Government’s time is more well spent in vigorous investigation of the criminal networks and in its attempts to block the easy access of weapons to these gangs. Hence, there seems to be a general feeling that the hopes of a positive future in Mexico may perhaps not lie in the outcome of this lawsuit.

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