Panama will finally reopen for tourism after several postponements and buyers are in search for properties that are for sale in Panama which have many to offer starting at minimum cost of $180,000.

The government had halted international flights since March 22, but on August 25, Panama has now officially released their reopening schedule which has already been approved by cabinet. According to the plan, the international aviation and tourism activities are going to restart on October 12,2020. So, after 6 months of lockdown, Panama could see revival in international tourism once again. 

Panama is going to start with domestic tourism on September 28, and then after two weeks on October 12, borders for international tourism will finally be opened.

But the government of Panama has a few warnings in place in order to keep the October 12th reopening date intact. Panama will only reopen on October 12 if, hospital beds are only at 20% occupancy, the respiratory care unit is only at 15% capacity, and the death rate is under 3%.

The Ministry of Health has provided this criteria which if not met, Panama will once again reschedule its reopening date.

According to the reopening plan, the measures will be adopted based on biosafety indicators such as the rate of effective reproduction of covid-19 cases and the capacity of beds available at the national level, both for wards and for Respiratory and Intensive Care Units.

From September 7 and over the next few weeks, there will be ease in lockdown restrictions. Additional economic sectors are also going to be reopen in coming weeks. But all the reopenings will be proceed only if Covid-19 pandemic in Panama is keep getting improved.

President Cortizo said that the entire society must assume joint responsibility in the observance of the measures that guarantee the safe and reliable progress of the country towards a full recovery of the economy.

While Panama has declared its reopening date for international tourism, but it has not yet released the entry requirements or information on which countries will be allowed to cross its borders, and whether PCR testing will be mandatory or not, whether the visitors will have to quarantine themselves or not.

Currently, for any travelers who are entering Panama, a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours before departure is mandatory and If no test is provided, then a mandatory 14-day quarantine is required. But there is no confirmation if they will be keeping these requirements for the general reopening.

Panama is one of those countries in the world who had the most strict lockdown. It has only ended its lockdown on movement on August 24. The movement restrictions only permitted adults to go outside for two hours per day, determined by their government ID number. This extremely strict protocol has now ended but has been replaced by a curfew running from 7:00pm to 5:00am, with Sunday being a fully curfewed day.

Curfews are also expected to be lifted on September 28th to coincide with the domestic reopening of the country.

According to a report Panama still has very strict mask requirements in place and plans to keep the regulations during reopening. Any person in public spaces without a proper mask covering both nose and mouth can be detained and/or fined.

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