Rossi Retires

Rossi Retires

Valentina Rossi, one of the most popular talents in MotoGP, is a legend who announced his retirement. He said that his last race would be the 2021 season of MotoGP in Austria.

After performing for 26 seasons, Rossi is known to be one of the most dedicated and decorative competitions in world sports. A record-equalling seven premier class titles and overall nine across MotoGP, 250cc, and 120cc.

Rossi has some excellent records in his name, including 115 Grand Prix victories, 414 starts, and those 115 pox victories, 89 are from the premier class, and his total podium haul stands at 235 Dutch TT as of 2021.

After losing the Yamaha factory slot for 2021, Rossi continued his career into seasons with Yamaha at Petronas SRT backing it, but the campaign has been the worst for him till now, scoring just 19 points from the first nine races.

Retirement looked likely to be the news for Rossi after the summer break though he might race in his own VR Ducati in 2022; after that, there was an emerged title sponsorship between Saudi Oil Giant Aramco and the team did not exist. He had talked about his retirement that he might get going after the summer break and decided to stop his career at the end of the season, making it his last season as a GP rider. He was in the world championships for 25 to 26 years, and it was an unforgettable memory for him with the team; he also said that the team and the guys who work for him were extraordinary.


Rossi’s first game was in 120cc in 1996 at the Grand Prix. The following year, he was the champion in the division, and he was in 250cc 1998 and won the title in 1999. Rossi signed with Honda for 2000 to a factory-backed satellite NSR500 and dominated the 2001 campaign to win First-ever premier class titles. Whereas now, he has won seven premier class titles.

Rossi, in 2002, for the four-stroke MotoGP era, rodded for Repsol Honda team and won them the title in 2002 and 2003 before making a stock switch in 2004 to Yamaha after his relationship with HRC sourced. Returning at Assen in 2003 was his comeback as he won twice in the same year, 2014. He was also a runner-up in 5he championship before fine-tuning with Yamaha template for 2015 titles in a bitter battle.

There was a switch for him in the 2000s to Formula 1, and taken part in many events. But Rossi expressed his desire previously to race GT3 machinery after his MotoGP career and potentially completed in 25 hours of Le Mans.

This Italian legacy will continue, but no other racer like Rossi would appear with enthusiasm and great experience.

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