The Current Situation For Scotland’s LGBT Community

The Current Situation for Scotland’s LGBT Community

The LGBT community is worried about the homophobic sentiment prevailing among many people in Scotland. In recent days, a gay couple was attacked by men on Leith Street in Edinburgh. The couple was left bloodied and were even robbed.

Pride Protest Edinburgh

The incidences of hate crimes have sparked outrage among the LGBT community. Pride Protest Edinburg even held a peaceful protest demanding freedom from such oppression and for a right to have safe spaces.

The protest was held while observing all the social distancing guidelines in order to prevent the occurrence of a COVID-19 virus spread. Protesters were asked to bring hand sanitizers and stand apart from a certain distance from each other.

The Current Situation for Scotland’s LGBT Community

Anti-Trans Sentiments

The LGBT community is particularly worried about the strong anti-trans sentiments. It is said that a transgender person is four times more likely to be attacked. There also seems to be misinformation and misrepresentation of those belonging to the LGBT community as immoral, posing a danger to young children, and so on.

The incidence of trans hate crimes is reported to have been doubled in recent years. While there seems to be a good degree of support from the media outlets, the LGBT community has voiced a need for a real change, voicing that the LGBT campaign is no longer merely a campaign but a fight to uphold one’s rights.

Scottish Government’s Guidance for Scottish Schools

The Scottish Government also took a positive approach as it introduced new guidelines for the betterment of the situation of transgender students in schools. The Government published a 70-page document to help schools make better decisions around this topic.

The guidelines addressed topics such as the bullying of transgender students, the need for gender-neutral events, the proper use of pronouns, and to give transgender students the freedom to have their own gender identity.

This inclusive learning environment, proper interventions, and safety measures for young transgender students have certainly been a sigh of relief for the LGBT community. Many activists supported and praised the guidelines. Hence, the future pertaining to the safety and acceptance of LGBT students in schools looks pretty bright and hopeful.

To Sum Up

The acceptance at the early levels of schooling will likely flood into all aspects of society and create a safe space for the LGBT community to thrive in Scotland. There is no reason why this community shouldn’t be deprived of its rights and for the freedom to celebrate its unique identity.

The Government is currently looking for other ways to take action and achieve gender equality within the education sector. The proactiveness by the Government combined with the activism of the LGBT community is likely to eliminate gender-based violence in the years to come.

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