Things Your Girlfriend Won’t Change About Herself

Trying to fix another person is always a bad idea. And some might disagree. This
usually tells about the inexperience of a guy and his delusional way of thinking.
But changing a person into someone they are not is a waste of time and energy.
If you have constant fights about her music taste, her clothing choices, any mild
things for that matter, I am sorry, but you are simply not meant for each other.
One can pretend to change, but some things are just above us. In order not to
turn your relationships into mental abuse, listen to these bits of advice at – before thinking how to seduce a girl.

She is a jealous person
Everyone has felt jealousy at some point in their life. But if you notice this
tendency in your new girlfriend, don’t expect her to change. Jealousy is a
mentality. It is something that can’t be taken away. You can’t be less attractive
and interesting, seize a number of your female co-workers, or assure your GF you
don’t text a chick on the side. These signals should tell you a person has trust
issues. She might’ve been damaged or abused in her childhood or by previous
relationships, but most people are born like that. And if you try to fix it, be
prepared for unreasonable anxiety and feeling of guilt for the things you didn’t

She is disrespectful towards your friends
Let’s say you did everything to like her circle of friends, her relatives, and coworkers, but she didn’t do any of that. Do you think you just have wrong friends?
If you think that their traits are a matter, then you must be naïve. Change your
buddies and she will dislike other people from your life. It happens for a couple of
reasons: 1) your girlfriend feels hostile and threatened by anyone from your
circle, not wanting to share you and wanting to control you; 2) she doesn’t think
your relationships will last, so why bothering trying to impress wrong people. In
any case, this girl is not worth your time.

She behaves differently in front of others
If your girlfriend acts harmonious, cute, and quirky while being face-to-face with
you, but with other people, she starts acting weird, this only means that her
façade is far more important than staying genuine. If she sends a flirty vibe or
degrades you in front of your friends, this must be a major red flag which means
that this person wants to be perceived nicely by anyone, not necessarily you.

She brings out the bad in you
A woman can change you for better or for worse, but she will never leave you the
same. A good girl will ask you to stop smoking or seize drinking. But we can talk
about a whole different level of change. When your partner constantly complains,
dictates the way you should live, how you should look or act, then beware. Even a
single thing from this list can be the start of her domination. And trust me, it will
never end with one request. Analyze your situation. If you don’t feel like a
changed man, but sense something has changed, this is a sign you should stop

She makes you feel insecure
Intimidating people don’t change. If your beloved one negatively impacts your
self-esteem, talk about it. Maybe your girlfriend doesn’t notice the vibe she gives
off. Maybe she takes you for granted. Maybe you just have to work on your selfesteem and it’s not her fault. But if you don’t feel loved, valued, supported, and
taken care of, you might be right about intimidation.

You have different values
If you want to have kids, but she is childfree, don’t expect her to change just
because you want it. If you want to build a career and she complains about not
getting enough attention, stuff like this will only intensify with years. Don’t fool
yourself and think you just have struggles. These are core differences that speak

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