Wildfires in Southern France

Wildfires in Southern France

The earth continues to experience wildfires in many regions around the world. This is the new global catastrophe we are experiencing. The smoke can not only be hazardous to human life and property but will also have a long-term impact on the planet.

We now have wildfires in the Ávila region of Spain and Serbia. The United States also sees wildfires in Northern California and Northern MinnesotaRecently, a wildfire started on Monday evening. It started in Toulon and has gotten worse. The seasonal winds from the Mediterranean are said to fan the flames and make the wildfires much worse.

Wildfires in Southern France

The Likely Cause

The exact cause of the wildfires is still unanswered. There is a suspicion that a bunch of miscreants must have started this fire in Gonfaron, but it has not been confirmed. The wildfires have likely started because of the man-made global warming crisis. Scientists have warned that these incidents in nature are expected to be frequent because of climate change.

The Impact

The blaze has so far consumed around 5000 hectares of forest. It has caused tremendous smoke near the French Riviera, forcing many locals and tourists to leave the place. Around 900 firefighters have rushed to the scene along with 11 water dumping planes. About 6000 people were recently evacuated from their homes and campgrounds. The fires have consumed around 100 homes, and they have also destroyed around six municipality areas.

Temperatures are soaring more than they ever have in this region and have gone up to over 40 degrees. All in all, the rescue efforts have been tremendously successful and praiseworthy. Only around 22 people have suffered some minor fire-related injuries or smoke inhalation issues.

Although the crisis on the level of people’s safety has been successfully averted as many people have been evacuated from Saint Tropez, Grimaud, and Le Mole, it is certainly a sad phase for France as the fires consume the beautiful chestnut, oak, and pine trees. After all, these affected areas were very popular among the tourists.

Wildfires in Southern France

The President of France is Visiting the Affected Areas

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, was enjoying his vacation at Fort Bregancon, which is close to these affected areas. Macron is also visiting these affected areas of Southern France. He recently praised the heroic efforts and quick action of the firefighters. He also expressed his sadness over what this incident means on the level of biodiversity and natural heritage.

To Sum Up

Unfortunately, many countries in the Mediterranean region like Greece, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, and Algeria continue to experience the effects of these wildfires directly. For now, the situation in France is still tense.

The need to combat climate change is becoming stronger than ever. Apart from the wildfires, there is also a strong likelihood that we will see floods and storms affecting many parts of the world due to the ill effects of industrialization.

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